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Welcome to Gadsden County High School ... "Home of the Mighty Jaguars"... Everyone is Excelling Everyday (E3): Now the Hard Work Continues!!!... Principal: Pamela Jones and Vice Principals: Keith Dowdell, Tawanda Scott, and Deborah Shaffer Bienvenido a la High School secundaria del Condado de Gadsden... «Hogar de los poderosos jaguares»... Todo el mundo está destacando cada día: ahora el duro trabajo sigue!!!!!! ... Directora: Pamela Jones y Vice directores: Keith Dowdell, Tawanda Scott y Deborah Shaffer



ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Florida Revenue has announced this year Back to School Sales Tax Holiday! Please click on icon below for more important information.



Talquin Electric Cooperative Recognizes Youth Tour Alum. 2019
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Extra! Extra! Read all about it fromTalquin Electric Cooperative “We met with our 2018#YouthTour Alum as we prepare...

Parent Expo (Issuing of Report Cards and Teacher-Parent Conference scheduling). This is just a Friendly Reminder Alert to all...

GCHS would like to take the time for a Moment of Silence as we remember all falling angels and those affected on February 14,...
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Lights💡, Camera📸, Action🎓!!! Calling all GCHS Class of 2019. Here's a friendly reminder that your Cap...
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Let's Celebrate with the Florida Department of Education and surrounding Counties! It's time to mark your calendars for the 11th...
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Gadsden County High School 2018 - 2019 Testing Schedule
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