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Jones, Pamela Prinicpal
Key, Elijah Vice Principal
Scott, Tawanda Vice Principal
Shaffer, Deborah Vice Priincipal

Alexander, Maresha Guidance Counselor (Junior/11th Grade)
Atelonie, Tiara Science/Biology
Black, O'Hara Social Science
Bradwell, James Culinary Arts
Byrd, Shannon English Language Arts/Reading
Collins, Rosalyn ESE
D'Oleo, Maria Special Area/Spanish
Evans, Lee History/World History Teacher
Fagg, Willie Edgenuity
Frost-Walker, Diane Head Coach Girls Basketball/Testing Administrator Assistant
Galloway, Tireshia English Language Arts/Reading / Teacher
Griffin, Benita Exceptional Education / Inclusion Resource
Grimsley, Alesia Health Educator
Harris, Ronte Music
Henson, Edna Guidance Counselor (Sophomore/10th Grade)
Hinson-Maynor, Tamela Guidance Counselor (Senior/12th Grade)
Holt, Jamaal Business Education
Howard, Darrell Mathematics
James, Anthony Behavior Specialist/Edgenuity
Johnson, Greg Science/Biology
Kenon, Aayana English Language Arts / Reading
Knight, Anthony Art/Computer Graphics
Lewis, Pierre Social Science
Lightfoot, Tomeka English Language Arts/Reading
Marquis, Sheribeth Exceptional Education
McDanield, Michael Science
Nogowski, John English / Journalism
Police, Maurice Physical Education
Roberts, Charles JROTC/AI
Rodier, Christopher Special Area / Spanish & French
Stallworth, Shakera Math
Thomas, Linda Exceptional Education Specialist
Toussaint, Eric Career & Technical Education / Agriscience and Biotechnology
Valencia, Kayla English Language Arts/Reading
Walker, Keenan 3D Art and Design
White, Kevin JROTC/Senior Instructor
Wiggins, Cleanita Dual Enrollment/Science & Technology/Webmaster
Wilson Lewis, Sonja Media Specialist
Yarsiah, Wede Science/Chemistry

Akins, Tisher ESE/Paraprofessional
Green, Floria Guidance Assistant
Holt, Adrienne Cafeteria Manager
Jackson, Patricia ESE Para-Professional
Jaguar, GCHS GCHS Webmaster Trainer
James, Bobby Custodian
Lane, Howard ESE/Paraprofessional
McCall, Barbara Environmental Engineer
Poythress, Carolyn ESE Para-Professional
Quintero, Dolores Receptionist
Robinson, Allen Data Entry/Registrar
Sanders, Sylvia Environmental Engineer
Smith, Edrick Environmental Engineer
Stevens, Derrick Environmental Engineer
Tsigbey, Jennifer ESE/Paraprofessional
West, Dwight Environmental Engineer
Williams, Sharon Environmental Engineer
Winbush, Latoya Environmental Engineer

Scott, Issha Miss EGHS 2006